Apr 202017

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: India
Closing date: 26 Apr 2017

TITLE OF CONSULTANCY: (National) Consultant for A&C Briefing Notes

LOCATION: New Delhi.

DURATION OF CONSULTANCY: 4 months (Full-time consultancy)

CLOSING DATE:26 April 2017


UNICEF’s new country programme aims to focus on addressing needs of the most marginalised and vulnerable children and women in rural, tribal, urban and other vulnerable communities. It will strategically focus on areas where greatest value can be added through development of knowledge and evidence, and use it to support advocacy for effective policies and their implementation, especially in favour of the most marginalised and vulnerable communities including Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) populations.


1. There is a need to develop a new and comprehensive set of briefing notes, which are in line with UNICEF’s new country Programme and flagship priorities. These briefing notes will serve the critical purpose of supporting awareness, advocacy and RM&P efforts in the country.

2. Therefore, UNICEF India’s Advocacy & Communication (A&C) section is seeking a consultant to develop these briefing notes over a period of four months. The consultant will review existing materials, undertake secondary research, interview Programme colleagues, conceptualize and write a suite of briefing notes including 1 Programme overview, 16 state briefs, 7 programmatic, 6 thematic and 6 cross-sectoral briefs on the issues that UNICEF India works to address. The consultant must ensure that the briefing notes are appropriate for general audience, using clear, accessible and engaging language. The style, look, format and branding of all briefing notes must be identical, using a structure/s agreed in consultation with supervisor. Each briefing note, once approved, will be laid out by a designer, and used for awareness creation, advocacy, dissemination, and resource mobilization work.

3. The 36 briefing notes will cover: •1 Programme overview brief•16 state briefs •7 Programme briefs:oHealthoNutritionoWASHoEducationoChild ProtectionoInclusive Social PolicyoPublic-Private Sector Engagement •6 thematic briefing notes: oReduce neo-natal mortalityoIncrease immunization coverageoReduce stunting and wasting in children and womenoReduce open defecation – focus on sanitation and hygiene (handwashing)oReduce dropout and out of school childrenoChild marriage•6 cross-cutting themes that UNICEF India integrates into all work:oEarly Childhood DevelopmentoAdolescentsoValue of the Girl Child oDisaster Risk ReductionoTribal PopulationoSocial Protection


•Review existing material, gather information through interviews and secondary sourcing and work with key Programme staff in the planning and preparation of briefs. •Develop briefing notes (not exceeding 4 pages) as per the provided formats for programmes and themes. While the Programme overview brief should not exceed 2 pages. •Develop the content for the briefing notes as per UNICEF’s style book. •Work closely with the Supervisor and Programme staff to review, fact check and finalize the drafts to international publication standard. •Once the briefing notes are signed off by the Dep. Representative (Programmes), Chief of PPE section and Chief of A&C, print-ready .doc versions of all 36 briefing notes need to be submitted.

4.Key DeliverablesS. No.Major TaskDeliverablesSpecific delivery date/deadline for completion of deliverable (please mention as date/no. of days/month)Estimated travel required for completion of deliverable (please mention destination/ number of days)1.Submission of a work plan for approvalWork plan with timelines Second day (from the commencement of the contract)N/A2. – Summary of materials reviewed and collected- Summary of consultations held with all stakeholders- Acknowledging that all relevant brand and publication guidelines have reviewed and understood- Presentation of an agreed structure/s and style for all 30 briefsReport covering each aspectEnd of first week3. Prepare sample text for each type of brief (1 x Programme overview, 1 x state brief, 1 x programmer brief, 1 x thematic brief, 1 x cross-sectoral brief)Sample text of 5 briefing notesEnd of fourth week4. Submission of first draft of 36 briefs (1 x Programme overview, 16 x state briefs, 7 x programmer briefs, 6 x thematic brief, 6 x cross-sectoral briefs)First draft of 36 briefing notesEnd of seventh week5. Submission of second draft of 36 briefs (after incorporating inputs and feedback)Second draft of 36 briefing notesEnd of tenth week6. Submission of 36 print-read approved briefing notes in formats provided36 print-ready approved briefing notesEnd of sixteenth week

___________________________________________________________________5. Estimated duration of contract and deadline for submission of end product: 4 months/Full Time

5.SUPERVISOR:The consultant will report to Communication Officer, A&C, in collaboration with PPE Section


4 months from start date of the consultancy


•Payment is linked to receipt and satisfactory acceptance of deliverables. •Travel expenses will be reimbursed at actuals based on receipt of invoices/reports.•Per Diem will be reimbursed at UNICEF consultant rates.


Education: Post-graduate degree in Communication, Journalism, Social Policy, English Literature or International Development. Degrees in social/ behavioral sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Public Health and Education) with emphasis on communication will also be considered.Work experience of consultant to be contracted: Five years’ work experience writing and editing to an international standard, preferably with a focus on developing countries, including working with social development programmes. Must have at least two years’ experience working in international settings, with practical experience in the adaptation and application of complex programmatic language into compelling communication tools. Experience of working in India is preferable but not essential.Language: Absolute fluency in written English is required. Expresses ideas and facts in writing and orally in a clear, organized and convincing manner appropriate to the audience and occasion. Short-listed candidates will be required to undertake a written test.

Technical Competencies required for this consultancy: •Commitment, understanding and appreciation of diversity, inclusion and integrity.•Formulating Strategies and Concepts •Relating and Networking •Entrepreneurial Thinking •Persuading and Influencing •Team work •Comfort and flexibility working in challenging contexts•Applying Technical Expertise (Communication) including:oAdvanced research, analysis and synthesis skills.oExpert knowledge of development terminology, concepts and approaches.oDemonstrated experience preparing development publications for a general audience to international standard. oAbility to translate complex technical concepts into clear, accessible and engaging language, free of technical or typographic errors, appropriate for a general, non-technical audience.oStatistical literacy and the ability to edit statistical content for publication. oExceptional interpersonal communication, advocacy and negotiation skills. oComputer knowledge, skills and practical experience, including internet navigation, the MS Office Suite, telecommunications and various office applications.

Consultant’s Work Place and work conditions: •The consultant will be expected to work from the UNICEF India Country Office in Delhi for two weeks, and remotely for the remaining 14 weeks. •The consultant is expected to bring their own equipment inclusive of laptop, recorder, telephone, camera etc. as UNICEF will not be providing these. Consultant should in most cases rely on making their own arrangement of transportation.

Please submit your online application by COB 26 April 2017. HOW TO APPLY: Your online application should contain three separate attachments: i.A Cover letter explaining the motivation for applying and also explaining how the qualifications and skill-set of the candidate are suitable for this position (to be uploaded online)ii.Curriculum Vitae (CV) (to be uploaded online)iii.A financial proposal indicating deliverable-based professional fee as per template attached below. Please do not forget to specify your name in the file while saving. (To be uploaded under other supporting documents).

Financial Bid A&C Briefing Notes.doc Without the financial proposal template your application will beIncomplete.

The selection will be on the basis of technical evaluation & financial offer in the ratio of 80:20. The criteria for technical evaluation will be as follows:

a)Educational Qualifications – Post graduate and upwards in Communication, Journalism, Social Policy, English Literature or International Development (Max 5/Min 3)b)No of years of relevant experience in similar assignments i.e. in developing briefing notes (Max 10/Min 7)c)Knowledge of Social Development Sector, Specifically in UNICEF India’s Priority Areas (WASH, Health, Education, Child Protection, Child Development and Nutrition) (Max 5/Min 4)d)Knowledge of Key Policies and Schemes of Government of India (WASH, Health, Education, Child Protection, CDN) as per the Suitability Statement in Cover Letter or CV (Max 5/Min 4)e)Sample of work of previous communication materials and brochures developed (Max 10/Min 7)f)At least Five Years’ Experience in Working with Bilateral/ International/ Multilateral Agencies (Max 5/Min 3)

Candidates will be shortlisted for a written test on the basis of the review of criteria (a, b, c, d, e and f) as listed above. The candidates who score the minimum against each criteria and 28 and more against above criteria will be shortlisted for the test.

g)Written test with candidates that clear the initial shortlisting (Max 20/Min 14)

Candidate who score 14 and above in the written test will be called for an interview

h)Interview (Max20/Min14)

Total technical score – 80. Minimum overall qualifying score is 56. Only those candidates who score the minimum against each criteria and meet the overall minimum qualifying marks of 56 will be considered technically responsive and the financials will be opened.

•Any attempt to unduly influence UNICEF’s selection process will lead to automatic disqualification of the applicant.•Joint applications of two or more individuals are not accepted.•Please note, UNICEF does not charge any fee during any stage of the process.

For any clarifications, please contact:

UNICEFSupply & Procurement Section73, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 110003Telephone # +91-11-24606216/262(Direct)Fax # +91-11-24391410; Email:

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.

How to apply:

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

click here for more details and apply to position


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