Feb 242018

Organization: Trickle Up
Country: India
Closing date: 16 Mar 2018

About Trickle Up

Founded in 1979, Trickle Up (TU) helps the poorest graduate out of extreme poverty. We help women and other vulnerable populations start sustainable businesses, join savings groups that give them a safe place to save and access credit, become decision-makers in their households and communities, and gain hope and confidence for the future. We work in partnership with local organizations, as well as global institutions, governments, and the private sector.

TU’s Asia Regional office was established in 2006 in Kolkata, India. The TU program in India is at a very exciting juncture with strong state government partnerships and demonstrated potential for influencing national and state level policies, practices and resources for reaching the ultra poor. Our digital innovation programming supported through the private sector is a flagship for TU digital innovation strategy development across the organization. We are committed to working in partnership with local partners, networks, government agencies and the private sector to expand abilities to reach the ultra poor with sustainable solutions.

Our goal is to reach more of the world’s poorest than ever in the next 3-5 years by partnering with others to scale our approach. Trickle Up is headquartered in New York City, with regional offices in India, Guatemala, and Burkina Faso. See for more information.

Position Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic, enthusiastic development professional with demonstrated skills and passion for leadership and mentorship, expertise and ability to work strategically with government ministries, donors, the private sector and other stakeholders, to assume this exciting and challenging role of Program Director. Reporting to the Asia Regional Representative, s/he will be responsible for ensuring quality program development and implementation, demonstrating measurable results and impact. S/he will be an experienced, motivated, and value-driven professional who will lead a team of program experts to ensure high quality and timely program implementation. The Program Director will demonstrate the highest levels of accountability, demonstrating his/her leadership skills and capacities while fostering team innovation and cohesion. S/he will lead by example and will have demonstrated expertise in livelihoods, women’s empowerment, partnership, and capacity building approaches as well as monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

Key Responsibilities

Team Effectiveness:

  • Ensure that team members bring their individual skills, expertise, and competencies to form a cohesive and supportive team to achieve TU’s goals and objectives in an accountable manner;
  • Demonstrate and instill value driven individual and team approaches to ensure an optimal, harmonious and inspiring work environment;
  • Ensure adoption of effective team management approaches across the organization, building synergies and talents across teams and individuals to ensure high-quality achievements and results.

Program management

  • Oversee the successful execution of complex, multi-stakeholder projects across multiple states in accordance with best practices and in compliance with requirements, regulation, and good financial stewardship;
  • Lead the development and implementation of timely reporting on programmes for internal and external audiences;
  • Lead the monitoring and evaluation team to continuously develop and refine strategic learning objectives and appropriate processes and systems aligned with Trickle Up’s strategy to scale through partnerships with government ministries and grassroots organizations.

Partnership development

  • Develop and strengthen strategic partnerships with government ministries, grassroots organizations, donors, and other actors to leverage funding and expertise to increase the quality and scale of Trickle Up’s work;
  • Lead the strengthening of TU’s network of partners as well as TU partnering approaches;
  • Build the visibility of Trickle Up and identify new opportunities for partnership through representation in technical forums, working groups, and other forums;
  • Advise key stakeholders at the National, State and District levels on good practices for graduating people out of ultrapoverty, expanding financial inclusion potential and policy influence.

Program innovation

  • Lead the development of innovative, effective programs that enable people to graduate out of ultrapoverty and contribute to the sector’s knowledge base and partnership capacities;
  • Lead the institutionalization of the India team’s programmatic expertise into training materials and advice relevant and accessible to Trickle Up’s global efforts;
  • Lead the development of research objectives and partnerships to produce rigorous, actionable research for Trickle Up and strategic partners;
  • Ensure the development of compelling materials that communicate the programme’s work, impact, and lessons learned to support organizational learning and external representation.



  • Post graduate degree in a relevant field such as economics, social science, social work, political science, international affairs, development studies, public policy or business administration.


  • A minimum of fifteen (15) years of experience designing and managing development programs;
  • Demonstrated expertise in effective team management;
  • Significant experience in the areas of livelihoods and vulnerable populations, preferably with a focus on women;
  • Experience in human resource management, financial management and budget control, and strategic planning.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong skills in motivating, mentoring and supervising development professionals;
  • Expertise in program design, livelihoods, and vulnerable populations;
  • Excellent program management skills;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to extract and analyze large amounts of data and communicate effectively and concisely in an executive-level format;
  • Excellent leadership and management skills: people, projects, processes, and prioritization;
  • Excellent analytical skills that can integrate quantitative and qualitative data and operate at the strategic and tactical levels;
  • Fluency in English, Bengali, and working knowledge of Hindi and Oriya;
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office suite and skilled at learning new software applications.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Strong commitment to the development sector and marginalized populations in particular, as well as the value of gender equity and diversity;
  • High emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills: able to motivate, influence, and listen effectively;
  • Demonstrated affinity with the values and mission of TU;
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results and collaborate in a high-performing team;
  • Flexibility and a sense of humor;
  • Proactive in learning and openness to new ideas;
  • Excellent representational skills;
  • Comfortable both leading and supporting teams;
  • Willingness and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, set priorities, and work both independently and as part of a team.

Other Requirements:

  • Ability and willingness to travel to rural communities, at times with only very basic amenities.
  • Ability and willingness to travel globally.

Salary and Benefits:

We offer competitive salary and benefits for this full-time position. The successful applicant will join a dynamic, passionate, multicultural team deeply committed to the alleviation of extreme poverty. Trickle Up promotes a collegial, high-performing organizational culture in which staff communicate clearly and openly, and are reflective, innovative, and mutually accountable.

How to apply:

To Apply:

To be considered, all candidates must provide a CV, cover letter, and current salary certificate. To submit your application click the job link and follow the instructions. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until March 16th, 2018. We are sorry we are unable to entertain phone calls related to this posting.

Trickle Up is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value a diverse workforce and extend equal opportunity to all applicants and employees regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, disability, or any other status protected by law. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable people with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

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