Jul 122018

Organization: medica mondiale
Country: Afghanistan, India
Closing date: 31 Jul 2018

medica mondiale e. V. is an international aid and women’s rights organisation supporting women and girls in war and conflict regions since over 20 years. medica mondiale provides medical consultation, psychosocial and legal counselling and protection as well as programmes promoting the generation of income – both through its own projects and in co-operation with local women’s organisations.

At a political level, medica mondiale actively advocates the enforcement of women’s rights and interests and demands consistent punishment of crimes as well as effective protection, justice and political ownership for women survivors of violence. Since 2007, medica mondiale reinforces the competencies of professionals and activists through qualification programs strengthening psychosocial skills, stress- and traumasensitivity in the legal, medical and economic support for women and girls, organisational development and leadership skills.

For qualifying the Psychosocial and Health Program (PSHP) team of our partner organization Medica Afghanistan, we are advertising the assignment of a

Female Trainer in Feminist Family Counselling in the Context of SGBV (Consultancy Contract)


medica mondiale started working in Afghanistan in 2002 on a range of projects to benefit women and girls. In 2011, the Afghan workers took over medica mondiale’s work and founded an independent Afghan NGO in Kabul: Medica Afghanistan – Women Support Organisation. Until today, medica mondiale continues to work very closely with Medica Afghanistan, providing both advice and funding.

As part of this cooperation, medica mondiale and Medica Afghanistan collaborate on a project for the „Empowerment of Afghan women and girls through legal, social and psychosocial services“, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and medica mondiale. The project has a grant period of 9 months and runs from 01.04.2018 to 31.12.2018. The overall project objective is to empower Afghan women and girls affected by sexualised and gender based violence and to improve their wellbeing and their access to the formal justice system. In total, the project targets 1,200 women and girls, 78 participants in peer support groups, 15 families and 150 students. 5,700 family and community members related to the project’s direct clients are targeted indirectly by the project.

To reach the overall objective, the project defines three specific outcomes:

1) Legal provisions furthering the rights of women and girls survivors of violence are improved and enforced and general awareness is raised

2) Afghan women and girls in Kabul, Balkh and Samangan have been empowered through trauma and gender sensitive legal, social and psychosocial services

3) The organisational and technical capacities of Medica Afghanistan to advance women’s rights and disseminate a stress and trauma sensitive approach is raised

Under outcome 3, the project intends to strengthen the Psychosocial and Health Program (PSHP) team in its technical capacity regarding family counselling through training.


In coordination with medica mondiale staff in Germany (Technical Advisor on Trauma Work in Afghanistan and Project Officer Afghanistan), the consultant prepares and conducts a training on family counselling with a clear commitment to women’s empowerment which is contextualised and adapted to the needs of the Psychosocial and Health Program team of Medica Afghanistan. The consultant conducts the training in India in November 2018 and documents it.

Training objective

Medica Afghanistan’s PSHP team have:

  1. reflected upon their individual beliefs and values with regard to feminist family counselling
  2. reflected upon and systemized their local knowledge and experience in working with family members of women affected by SGBV, especially rape survivors
  3. increased knowledge and skills with regard to working with family members of women affected by SGBV, especially rape survivors

Training contents: Family counselling with family members of women affected by SGBV, especially rape survivors, with a clear commitment to women’s empowerment

Contract duration: 10 days
(3 days preparation, 5 days training stretched over a period of 6 days, 1 day training documentation and report)

Training date: between November 2nd – 20th, 2018 (preferably November 2nd – 8th, 2018)

Training location: Delhi, India

Number of participants: approx. 15

Languages: Essential: English / Desirable: Dari

Key activities

  • Prepare training content and method in coordination with medica mondiale headquarter in Cologne/ Germany (Technical Advisor on Trauma Work in Afghanistan; Project Officer Afghanistan)
  • Conduct a 6-day training (5 days training and one day for slowing down) in India
  • Debriefing with medica mondiale headquarter
  • Write a training report for medica mondiale and Medica Afghanistan incl. recommendations
  • Compile a training documentation for participants (incl. training schedule, training material, photos)


  • Master’s Degree (or equivalent) in Psychology, Social Work, Political Science, Public Policy, Law, or in a related field
  • Profound knowledge of the different forms and consequences of SGBV in war and conflict-affected countries
  • Understanding of the socio-political context in Afghanistan
  • Profound experience in working with women affected by SGBV in Afghan contexts or in contexts with similar factors
  • Profound experience in working with family members of women affected by SGBV in Afghan contexts or contexts with similar factors
  • Profound experience in planning and conducting contextualised trainings with focus on SGBV and family counselling
  • Clear commitment to a women-centred and empowering approach

We offer

Access to medica mondiale’s broad database of training materials and manuals

  • Insurance, travel cost refund, etc.
  • Reliable security management
  • Collaboration with a highly motivated and committed team

How to apply:

Submission of proposals

All qualified consultants are invited to submit an offer (in English) to conduct this consultancy for medica mondiale e.V. Please include

  • A cover letter explaining your matching to the position
  • Your CV
  • A methodology of how to conduct and design the training
  • Your remuneration expectation
  • Information on your availability.

Please email your offer as one PDF not exceeding 2MB to by Tuesday, 31stJuly 2018.

Further information

Please see the following websites:

· medica mondiale (

· Medica Afghanistan (

For further information, you may contact the Technical Advisor on Trauma Work for Afghanistan, Mrs. Steffi Meyer, at

click here for more details and apply to position


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