Nov 082018

Organization: Islamic Aid
Country: Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Myanmar, occupied Palestinian territory, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic
Closing date: 17 Nov 2018

Islamic Aid seeks to establish partnerships with NGOs in developing countries to design and implement programme within the framework of Graduation Model within the requirements of how Islamic religious givings could be channelled with the aim to achieve sustainable development of the ultra-poor.

NGOs must have strong capacity and well established programme management systems and procedures, financial management and ability to provide Islamic Aid the quality feedbackand learning – qualitative as well quantitative. Preference will be given to NOGs who implementing partners of major INGOs and/or receive funding from government sources like USAID, DFID etc, so we can ensure our due diligence of potential partners.

We need consultants with relevant experience, knowledge and a wide network of contacts within NGO communities. You will be required to identify possible partner NGOs and conduct first and second level of assessment of the shortlisted NGOs for partnership.

If Consultants have the relevant programme experience, we may in future agree to further engage in the various stages of the programme with the partners.

How to apply:

Please email your CV with a covering letter to and the following in the subject line:

Partnerships Consultant in [Name of the Country]

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