Nov 082018

Organization: Multiple Sclerosis International Federation
Country: India
Closing date: 02 Dec 2018


As part of its Capacity Building/Organisational Development Programme in India, the MS International Federation (MSIF) is seeking experienced consultant(s)/a consultancy company based in India to provide training and mentoring for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India (MSSI) in the area of advocacy, and to support the MSSI in the implementation of its country-wide advocacy project focusing on disability.


MSIF is a unique global network of MS organisations, people affected by MS, volunteers and staff from around the world. Our movement is made up of 48 MS organisations with links to many others. We inspire, mobilise and bring the world together to improve the quality of life of everybody affected by MS and to end MS forever.

We work to build the capacity of national or local structures, which we believe – with their contextual knowledge, cultural awareness and local language – are best placed to meet the needs of people with and affected by MS living or working in the country.

In September 2018, MSIF facilitated a workshop in Chennai, India, during which delegates from MSSI’s eight Chapters (Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai and Pune) came together to develop an advocacy action plan, to be implemented by the MSSI over the coming months and years.

The the Draft MSSI Advocacy Action Plan (see Annex 1) focuses on the 2016 Disability Act with the overall goal as ‘Notification of the rules for the Rights of People with Disability Act 2016 (RPWD Act 2016) by the state governments will ensure that all benefits can be accrued by persons living with MS’.

Following the workshop a Work Group made up of 17 representatives from across MSSI’s Chapters was created. The Group will inform and guide the development and implementation of MSSI Advocacy Action Plan, ensuring it is applicable across India.

Tasks The next part of the Capacity Building/Organisational Development Programme will consist of a period of mentoring and coaching (mainly online with 1-2 in-person workshops/meetings) to build the capacity of MSSI’s volunteers and staff through supporting the ongoing development[1] and implementation of MSSI’s country-wide advocacy project focusing on the 2016 Disability Act. The consultant(s) will be required to carry out the following tasks through calls, Skype, email and 1-2 meetings/workshops:

· ensure the involvement of the Work Group and coordinate and agree task allocation amongst the members, according to the skills and capacity of those involved

· provide mentoring and technical support to the MSSI to finalise the Draft MSSI Advocacy Action Plan

· provide mentoring and technical support on project implementation (e.g. approaching and meeting with decision makers, coalition building, approaching the media/press etc.)

· carry out any necessary desk-based research (policy and evidence review, interviews with key stakeholders etc.) to help inform and guide the project

· develop tools for the project (e.g. case studies, advocacy letters/papers, petitions, evidence-based reports/guidelines/background documents, media/press campaign)

· regularly review progress of the tasks and support the MSSI to ensure that agreed milestones are met and the project moves forward in line with the Action Plan

· increase MSSI’s volunteers/staff knowledge of how successful advocacy projects are developed and run

· provide MSSI with the tools and skills to plan and implement such advocacy projects.


· Detailed multi-year advocacy action plan;

· Tools to support the MSSI in carrying out the MSSI Advocacy Action Plan;

· Progress made towards achieving the MSSI’s country-wide project’s objectives;

· Regular reports on the project progress;

· Increased understanding by MSSI’s volunteers/staff in the area of advocacy, and their ability to use advocacy tools.

Consultant(s)’ specification

MSIF is seeking consultant(s), currently living and working in India to carry out a mentoring and coaching service in advocacy with a focus on disability. This consultancy is open to individuals and/or a group/team of consultant(s).

The consultant(s) will be required to give a maximum of 40 working days in total (to include material preparation) between 15 December 2018 and 15 December 2019.**

It is essential that the consultant/consultancy team has the following skills:

  • excellent facilitation skills;
  • proven experience in training, consulting or on-the-job coaching of NGOs in India in the area of advocacy;
  • proven experience in designing and implementing advocacy/campaigning projects in the disability sector including:

§ experience in facilitating networking and coalition building with disability organisations/groups

§ knowledge of the Rights of People with Disability Act 2016 and relevant implementation mechanisms at the state level

§ a good understanding of decision-making access points and stakeholders

§ experience in influencing officials and decision makers at the national and state levels

§ experience in engaging with the national and state level press and media

[1] See Annex 1 – Draft MSSI Advocacy Action Plan

How to apply:

Interested candidates are requested to submit the following to Abdelfatah Ibrahim, MSIF Capacity Building Manager, by 17.00 GMT on 2 December 2018

· CVs[1] for all consultant(s) who will be involved in the work.

· A proposal of no more 3 pages including the following:

§ explaining how you meet the required specifications and;

§ explaining how you would respond to the Brief indicating the methodology/techniques you would use and;

§ an outline of the budget for the service (the daily rate for preparing and carrying out the service). This should include tasks to be included and a breakdown of the time/days required to carry these out and;

We understand the work listed under Tasks may require different levels of human resources. Therefore, please mention the names of people in your team against task they would undertake during this period.

In order to avoid any conflict of interest, perceived or otherwise, consultant(s) should note that, in order to be eligible to tender for the work, they (or their company/agency/organisation) should not have been employed by (as a permanent or temporary member of staff) or have carried out services for (in an advisory or consultancy capacity) national or international healthcare companies, or their subsidiaries, within the past 6 months. Consultants who have carried out services for national or international healthcare companies, or their subsidiaries, within the past 18 months, should declare this within their application.

[1] Relevant references may be requested at a later stage

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